Frank Gehry

At home we got rid of expanded basic cable, so now all we have is simple basic cable… networks, PBS, Discovery Channel, and for some reason we get E! After we’d watched a bit of America’s Next Top Model on the C-Dub my wife was flipping through our limited selection and landed on PBS. Happened to be Sketches of Frank Gehry. I hadn’t planned on watching it, just came across it randomly, but as I watched I realized how Gehry’s process for architecture maps closely with how interactive projects should be done.

“We work back and forth between the planning and the modelling. If this (the planning) doesn’t work, that (the model) doesn’t work.”

Exactly like building an interactive piece.

Check out the preview for the movie here on YouTube (where you can find pretty much anything), and visit to find out when you can see the whole thing.

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