Where do blog entries go when they die?

photo above found somewhere on the domain of Chris Glass. I don’t know Chris, so I hope he doesn’t mind me borrowing this image… in exchange I encourage you to check out his blog. Has some beautiful photos and a nice voice/story going on.

I’m sure this happens to anyone who blogs: you spend time writing up an entry, and when you’re done you realize, “hey, this isn’t so good.” (I imagine this could be taken across entire blogs as well… you hecklers keep quiet! You know who you are…)

Where do these blog entries go when people decide to kill them? I know the literalists will say, “what do you mean? They’re just deleted.” But for those of us who invest some thought and time in writing these posts, it can be hard to see them fail, and it can be hard to simply delete them. The thinking that spawned the entry lives on somewhere, some kind of afterlife. An afterthought?

There should be a Land of Misfit Blog Entries… all those blog entries that people determine aren’t worth posting on their own blog. Then other people could take these entries, rework and rethink them a bit, and send them out into the world as new, inspiring entries.

I’ll have to get on that in my free time. I have a couple entries I could contribute…

ps. Okay, I registered the Land of Misfit Blogs. Now we’ll need to figure out how to make it work…

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