How to Choose an Agency

Interesting article on Advertising Age about how clients select agencies:

I’d written a post a few weeks ago about pitching, but this article makes me rethink it a bit. I think I got the “doing great work” part and the relationship part reversed. The “doing great work” is expected. And it’s the result of a great client/agency relationship. Which is why it’s so critical to make sure it’s the right match.

We’re at about 150 posts now on the Substance blog. It started, and continues to be, a way for our clients, prospective clients, colleagues and peers to learn more about us, see what we’re thinking, and get a feel for our personality. Hopefully it’s doing that.

David and I have also been discussing company culture and the concept of a campfire agency. I think the above point about relationships is directly tied to company culture. The type of culture you create is going to foster the kinds of relationships you want to create with clients. We know we’re not a good fit for everyone. Our culture doesn’t match with all the hundreds of thousands of prospective clients out there.

But the ones we match up with, and we’re working with some of you now… wow. How great is that?

If you’re looking for a studio that focuses on digital brand strategy and interactive experiences, first read the Ad Age article. Then give us a call or email (it’s in the sidebar). Or don’t. We understand.

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