E-Tourism Summit: Getting the Most Out of Website Redesign

Will you be in New York on October 12th and 13th, attending the 11th annual E-Tourism Summit? If so, chances are you’ll meet me there… I’m giving a presentation about “Getting the Most Out of Website Redesign.”

I’m incredibly excited for the opportunity to share some of the experiences and knowledge we’ve gained with our clients. This will most likely include (and probably not limited to) how Substance has been successful when approaching a project like a website redesign, interactive brand strategy, functionality, mobile, social media, incorporating and extending APIs, utilizing third-party widgets, and examples beyond our work. And that’s where I can use your help. Do you know of any exceptional travel/tourism websites that I should review and include in my presentation? Are you attending the eTourism Summit and want to submit your own site anonymously for critique? Do you have any specific questions about the redesign process that you’d like me to address?

Leave your recommendations and questions in the comments, or if you’re wanting to be more “private,” email them to etourism@findsubstance.com. I can’t promise I’ll include all examples or answer all questions, but I’ll do my best.

Thanks in advance, and looking forward to seeing you in NYC next week.

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