I have a dream

Today I was reading an article on CNN.com about the groundbreaking for the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial that will be built on the Mall in Washington, DC. This reminded me that I had always meant to watch his “I Have a Dream” speech given in 1963, but never had. Of course I was familiar with the “I have a dream…” quote, but never knew it in context. So today I watched it.

You should, too.

I knew he was a great man and a gifted speaker, but I really didn’t know what I was talking about until I watched this. Absolutely amazing.In less than 18 minutes, this man takes the story of oppression, racism and inequality and delivers something incredibly powerful. The “I have a dream…” quote is strong in and of itself, but when you see it in context, when you hear it delivered to convey the emotion and idea that these truths are self-evident, it isn’t delivering a speech.

This is evangelicizing an idea.

There’s a fundamental difference between the two. The first, people might listen, and they may remember what you said. The second… well, the second is what makes people change the world. So the next time you need to convey an idea, don’t just give a speech or a Powerpoint presentation. Evangelicize your idea. See what kind of reaction you get.

Full transcript of “I Have a Dream…”

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