"Still has the old tagger on, never even played it…"

One of the benefits of this blog thing is meeting new people. At coffee morning last week, I had the opportunity to meet three guys from the University of Oregon who came up to share the conversation. One of them (Sam) had been “tagged” by another blogger to share five little known facts about himself. Apparently it’s called a “meme,” and according to Wikipedia it “refers to a unit of cultural information transferable from one mind to another.” This tagging thing has been going the rounds on the old blogosphere (or blogsphere, depending on where you live) for a few weeks. Anyway, Sam had to pick 5 bloggers to tag in return for this favor, and therefore has tagged me. So five things you probably don’t know about me (or really need to know, for that matter), in no particular order…

ONE. I met my beautiful and talented wife while working at Banana Republic selling clothes, but we didn’t start dating until she became the lead singer of the band I had formed, Vert-a-Go-Go. We had one gig, on Halloween. We rocked. The next day, the other guitarist and drummer couldn’t remember what songs we had played. But we still rocked!

TWO. A few years ago I won a snowboard through a contest put on by Nike ACG. The task was to write something that inspired you about snowboarding. I wrote a haiku (hence my affinity for haiku).

THREE. My father-in-law bet me that I couldn’t grow a beard. It took a while, but I managed it. In the past, I grew it in the fall and shaved it in the late spring, but now I’m going on five and a half years without shaving it off. No, it’s not like a ZZ Top beard. I keep it short.

FOUR. When I moved into my first house, I owned a hammer and a couple screwdrivers and wouldn’t have known how to replace an electrical outlet. Over seven years and owning two fixers, I have a basement full of power tools and the knowledge from completing (using the term loosely) many electrical, plumbing and construction projects myself. Who knew I’d actually like home improvement projects? (You can read more about the renovation story here…)

FIVE. In high school, I took one of those “career aptitude tests” that is supposed to show what career is best for you. Apparently my interest in architecture and the ocean dictated I should be a marine architect… someone who designs ships. That would have been funny…

Okay, enough about me. Let’s learn about some other people in the “industry”… my tags are: Jeff Faulkner, Shaun Tinney, Noel Franus, Alison Rosenblum and Shannon Blain. I picked these smart and passionate folks because I hope it will encourage them to write more. Get to it, people!

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