Sitting around the campfire.

Campfire and s’mores

We’ve talked a lot about the idea of the campfire agency. And on a recent trip to the Oregon coast with the family, I realized what else campfires are good for: creating memories, and tasty treats.

Sitting around a campfire isn’t just about sharing stories. It’s about creating shared memories. Even when the kids were tucked into their sleeping bags and my wife and I were just sitting around the fire, surrounded by darkness and the sound of the night, there is something magical about the campfire. It warms you, it cooks for you, it challenges you to figure out where to put that next log, and it entertains you with its dancing flames. And it gives you that nice, smoky scent.

A good time was had by all. My older daughter is obviously a native Oregonian, braving the Cape Lookout ocean temperatures. And apparently I’ve lived here long enough as well… I went in for a dip. Only took me eight and a half years to build up a tolerance to the Northwest Pacific Ocean.

Have any good stories to share around this little campfire post?

p.s. I am woefully delinquent in continuing the “Steps in Building a Campfire Agency.” Will get back on that next week.

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