Deed brands.


Continuing the idea of the future of communications and the talking less/listening more approach, here’s a great post on the Era of Deeds by Mark Barden, one of the partners of Eat Big Fish.

The Spitzer Effect and the Era of Deeds

“This is the Era of Deeds… Deeds tell us what you believe in far more than anything you say. Deeds are the products you make, the experiences you create, how you spend your money and energy, what you do in the world… The truth — real truth, not made up marketing truth — will win out if sustained over time… Your communication doesn’t have to try to persuade because your other deeds have.”

People often ask us what kinds of clients we work for and what verticals we specialize in. Thanks to Mark, we now have a great description: Deed Brands.

Eat Big Fish was founded by Adam Morgan, author of Eating the Big Fish and The Pirate Inside. A lot of the philosophy and ideas that inspire us came from these two books. We consider it highly recommended reading.

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