Where does the time go?

Two years ago I created my first post on Blogger. It was a short one, and it started as a challenge: what would I do differently? From August 7, 2006:

“Let’s stop talking about ideas.

Let’s start talking about change, integrity, evolution, and the root of where ideas come from. Good ideas come from everywhere. Great ideas… those come the brain and the heart.

It’s about finding substance.”

Funny… I set out to stop talking about ideas, but that seems to be the source of most of our conversations. What I meant was not just talking about ideas, but acting on the ideas that matter. Turning thoughts into deeds. And not brainless, unfeeling deeds. Actions that are smart and passionate. Actions that, well, have substance. Ideas, put into practice, that will change the world.

Two years and three hundred and thirteen posts later… thanks to the people who supported the FindingSubstance Blogger blog from way back, all the way up to those of you who might be visiting findsubstance.com for the first time. It’s been an incredible journey so far, and it looks to be an amazing journey ahead.

Of course a huge thank you to my wife and family, who might have been wondering what the FindingSubstance blog would turn into… this was back when we thought blogs were supposed to be about home renovation projects. (Has it been that long since we updated that site? We’d better get back to work!)

But most of all, thanks to the people I get to share the long table with. You’re the ones who are finding Substance. You’re the ones who are changing the world.

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