The challenges of the 1500's, the challenges of tomorrow


“To him, architecture existed to solve problems, and he seems to have given equal weight to elevating the image of his clients, making their lives function more smoothly, and creating beautiful objects for the world.” – from “All He Surveyed,” by Paul Goldberger in the New Yorker (about the architect Andrea Palladio)

From the 1500’s to today and the future, from architecture to interactive brand strategy and design, problem solving is still about three things:

Elevating the image of clients
helping clients elevate their brand

Function more smoothly
create a great interactive experience from a usability, functionality and technology standpoint

Creating beautiful objects
producing work that is visually as awesome as the function and the brand

The mediums may be different but the challenges are the same. Let’s solve some problems.

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Additional Reading and Links:

“All He Surveyed,” by Paul Goldberger, in the March 30, 2009 issue of the New Yorker

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