"We Are the Builders"

I’ve stopped reading marketing and business books.

There was a point in my life and my career when I couldn’t get enough of them. And to give them credit, they’ve helped shape my approach and philosophy to brand building… Adam Morgan’s Eating the Big Fish and Marty Neumeier’s Zag led me to approach projects from a different perspective. Guy Kawasaki’s Rules for Revolutionaries and Art of the Start, Adam Morgan’s The Pirate Inside, and Jim Collin’s Good to Great helped shape the start of Substance.

But over the last few years, these types of books have ceased to make an impression or inspire me. There are a few exceptions (The Green Marketing Manifesto by John Grant, for example), but for the most part I pick these books up, read 10 – 20 pages, then put them down. They all seem to repeat what I’ve already read, or tell me things I’m already doing from a company and/or brand standpoint.

All of this made coming across Wilson Miner’s presentation (above) from the Build Conference so refreshing. Amazing, really. It made me stop what I was doing for 38 minutes and sit, riveted, to what he had to say. It told me something new. It inspired me as a designer. It inspired me as a creator and contributor to our collective society.

Hopefully it will do the same for you. Thanks Wilson for creating something great.

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