TUL graphology

A few months ago, there was a postcard in our copy of Dwell. My wife filled it out; it was a handwriting analysis sample promotion by TUL (what’s the key command to make the line over the ‘u’?). She wrote out the phrase “I truly need a new pen” and sent it in. And forgot about it.

Today, she got an email with her handwriting analysis. Pretty nifty use of video clips coordinated with her actual handwriting sample. Some poor intern probably had to scan in all these postcards, do the analysis on them, and then enter in this data so the correct video clips and handwriting (yes, that’s it in the screenshot above) shows up onscreen. But the analysis did have a grain of truth to it and we both saw some of the characteristics in her personality (well, the good characteristics). Maybe there is something to this graphology after all…

We both thought this was pretty cool, but then she asked me, “so, does it make you want to buy a Tul pen?”

Um, not really. I’m more of a UniBall Micro fan myself. But it raises a good question… and now that I’ve thought about it for a bit, do I want to buy a Tul pen or do I truly need a new pen?

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